All Active Mom Fitness services are designed by me, Ashley Reid. I'm a fellow mom and the only Certified Exercise Physiologist in Philadelphia with experience in personal training, childhood obesity prevention, and family physical activity and nutrition programs. I offer a family-centric approach created for moms at all stages.


Who are Active Mom Fitness Clients?

From preparing your body for baby to wondering what to do with your extra time now that your children have their own social calendar, customized programs and services are designed with all moms in mind.


Through personal and group training, consultations, online workouts and education, you will:

  • Become stronger and build your stamina-making play time with the kids more fun
  • Be a role model for your family by being active together and choosing healthy foods
  • Increase your confidence and be in control of your body
  • Feel good about how you look when you maintain or achieve a healthy weight
  • Enjoy “mommy time” without guilt or feeling overwhelmed
  • Decrease your fear and worry by participating in safe exercise programs
  • Set fitness goals with the guidance and support to achieve them
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Unique Features

To complement your fitness program, I also ensure you:

  • Become a part of a supportive mom community
  • Are connected to events and resources that make it easier for you and your family to be healthy
  • Receive family-focused nutrition information (think quick and healthy options and advice on feeding picky toddlers!)
  • Often have the option to bring your child