Are You Setting Yourself Up for Fitness Success?

One of the first things you decide when it comes to exercise is how and where you’re going to workout. Have you considered your abilities and preferences when making that decision? Or is your fitness success based on trends or what's worked for your friend (who now looks amazing!)? It's time you make the right choice for YOU by answering a few simple questions.

Should you join a gym?

Before jumping on January's membership deal, decide if a gym will give you the best chance at success:

  • Are you self-motivated?
  • Do you feel comfortable using the equipment correctly and will you make use of all of it?
  • Is it conveniently located to your home, job or school?
  • Will you be working out during peak times and if so is exercising among a crowd OK with you?
  • Will you enjoy going to the same place for the next year?

If you answered yes to these questions, then swiping that membership card a few times per week, might be a great option for you. But if you have trouble staying motivated, haven’t been taught to use equipment correctly, get bored working out in the same place or have other requirements like childcare, then the gym may not pave your way to success. If your gym offers personal trainers that could solve some of these issues, but make sure to factor that need into your decision to join the gym.

Working out at home is convenient, but will YOU get results?

  • Do you have space to exercise at home?
  • Do you prefer body-weight exercises and exercising with little to no equipment?
  • Do you enjoy spending time finding new workouts to try?
  • Do you prefer working out alone?
  • Will you have the desired privacy at home without distraction?

If you answered yes to these questions, then skipping the gym membership might work well for you. Home workouts allow you to workout in PJs (with a sports bra and sneakers of course), jump right in the shower without packing a gym bag and avoid bad weather.

What about studio classes like Soul Cycle or Aerial Yoga?

The growth rate of new boutique fitness studios and classes continues to grow. Is this trend right for you?

  • Are you social and prefer working out with others?
  • Do you like to experience different exercise formats and a variety of instructors?
  • Can you workout during typical class times?
  • Are you OK with spending the average of $20-30 per class?

If you answered yes to these questions then the boutique fitness trend could be your key to success. Many cities offer Class Pass which is a great option to sample a variety of classes.

Should You Hire a Personal Trainer?

Personal training is sometimes considered an "elite option", but trainers can be quite affordable when done in pairs or small groups. Personal training often provides quicker results, better adherence, and the option to train in a variety of environments.

  • Do you prefer customized workouts based on your fitness needs and goals?
  • Would you be open to feedback on your form?
  • Do you need extra accountability and motivation?
  • Are you concerned about safety or injury prevention?
  • Do you prefer working out alone, with a partner or in a small group?

If you answered yes to these questions then hiring a personal trainer may be well worth your money to help ensure your success. If you decide to hire a personal trainer, this is a great resource to read first.

Hopefully these questions gave you some insight on what you need to meet your fitness goals. If you've discovered flexibility, personalization, motivation, challenge, variety, injury prevention and accountability are important to you, consider working with me. I offer several training options ranging from exercise consultations, personal training, small group training and coming soon a monthly online workout option. I look forward to connecting with you!