Still Searching for a Unique Way to Spend Valentine's Day?

Getting Physical with Your Partner

Last year I wanted to plan a day date for Valentine's Day, but I wanted to do something other than our typical outings so I decided to sign me and the hubby up for a Couples Thai Yoga Massage class. Not only was it a healthy way to spend the day, but it brought us the relaxation and closeness that is sometimes hard to find as parents.

If you've yet to plan a special way to celebrate with your sweetie, you might want to consider something healthy and active. Here are a few more suggestions:

  1. Hike the Wissahickon (or a trail near you). Turn off your phones and enjoy the beauty of this escape within the city.
  2. Dance! What's more sexy than salsa, or tango...maybe a little bachata. Sign up for a Latin dance class and seduce your partner with the sway of your hips.
  3. Ice Skating at Rothmans Ice Rink or Blue Cross Riverrink. Think holding hands, picking each other up off the ice and snuggling with hot cocoa. It's the picturesque winter date. Dilworth Park is featuring 4 days of Love Feb. 11-14th with music to make your skate at the Rothman's Ice Rink extra special. The Riverrink has special features as well.

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Heart Month!