Integration of Services

Dear Health or Wellness Professional: Thank you for visiting Active Mom Fitness. I believe with the collaboration between qualified fitness, health, and wellness professionals, we can provide women the support they need through the continuum of motherhood-especially during pre and postnatal stages.

Together we can better serve the women we work with through: effective referral pathways, interdisciplinary professional relationships, and collaborative networks.

I really loved Ashley's Stronger After Pregnancy training. I definitely feel more confident in exercising on my own. I was very nervous starting exercising after my c-section and having diastisis recti.-Mom of one

The benefit to your patients

You can trust that your patients will receive quality and effective exercise while working with me. As a Certified Exercise Physiologist that specializes in prenatal/postpartum fitness,  I prioritize:

  • The anatomic and physiologic changes to the body during and after pregnancy when prescribing exercise.
  • Observation of stability and mobility during functional movements using the Functional Movement Screen
  • Pre-participation health screenings before beginning exercise programs
  • Safe and effective workouts that meet the guidelines of organizations such as the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American College of Sports Medicine
  • Delivering a customized approach even in group settings
  • Utilizing social support to encourage exercise adherence and enjoyment
  • Referrals to qualified health professional when appropriate

I provide personal training, small group training and fitness classes. I encourage everyone to start with a Screening and Consultation. If you’d like to refer a patient to me, please direct them to this contact form and encourage them to schedule a Screening and Consultation. You can read more about what people are saying about Active Mom Fitness here.

The benefit to my clients

Exercise and fitness are my areas of expertise, but sometimes a woman's physical health needs go beyond that. For example, if a woman presents with pain during the Functional Movement Screen, or indicates symptoms of pelvic floor disorders, I'd like to provide the support they need by referring to the appropriate health professional. Other services that women may seek could include birthing support and education, chiropractic care, postpartum depression care, breastfeeding support, physical therapy, genealogical services, nutrition or massage therapy.

If you’d like to discuss opportunities to partner or would like to be considered as a resource to the women I work with, I would love to speak with you.