Being an Active Mom

You are physically active. You are strong. You feel confident and in control of your body. You feel good physically and emotionally.

You are making healthy choices for your family. You are reaching your fitness goals without feeling guilty, overwhelmed or fearful of injury.

You have resources. You have support. You have guidance. You have knowledge.

Hi! I’m Ashley, owner of Active Mom Fitness. This is what I want for you and what Active Mom Fitness is about. Being an active mom is healthy, personally rewarding, and beneficial to the entire family. If this is a vision you have for yourself as a mom then please continue to read about the mission, values, motivation and services of Active Mom Fitness, or contact me right now while you have the time


The mission of Active Mom Fitness is to provide moms and moms-to-be safe and effective exercise programs that help women achieve core strength, function and fitness through all stages of motherhood.


  • I am an advocate for healthy families. I believe moms, dads, and children moving more and making nutritious food choices are healthier and happier.

  • I think a mother’s health and fitness is key. It begins pre-conception and doesn’t end with postpartum recovery.

  • I believe people are more likely to meet fitness goals and make healthy changes when given education and support.

  • I use science, available resources, partnerships and awareness of barriers to create personalized and unique experiences.

  • I welcome all moms and their families.