Just as every pregnancy and birth is different so is your experience and body as a new mom. Whether you had a vaginal delivery or cesarean, exercised before pregnancy or never before, or have lost the baby weight or have a ways to go, you will benefit from physical activity.


  • Strengthen your core, pelvic floor and postural muscles to carry baby and gear, aid in breastfeeding positions, enjoy sex, and build a strong foundation for more vigorous fitness later
  • Boost your energy without caffeine
  • Sleep better (when you actually get a chance to)
  • Lose weight and get rid of the maternity clothes
  • Improve your mood, decrease stress and help cope with baby blues or postpartum depression
  • Feel in control of your body again
  • Start setting a healthy example for your family now...we know how hard it is to change bad habits
  • Initiate a new passion for fitness

For new moms, I encourage you to participate in the Stronger After Pregnancy Series, but because this is about what works for you, personal training is also a good postpartum fitness option.

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Stronger After Pregnancy

Are you a new mom that is ready to begin exercise? Is your baby slightly older, but you haven't had the time or energy to focus on your fitness yet? This program is for you.

The Stronger After Pregnancy program is an 8-week series that will take you through a safe progression in building your strength and fitness. The goal of the program is to strengthen the muscles stretched and weakened by pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is designed not just for you to regain strength and recover, but to also give you a sense of control over your body again. We will work your entire body using functional exercise, resistance training, Pilates, foam rolling and body-weight exercises. This program is intentionally provided in a group setting to foster the friendship, emotional benefits and learning that comes from socializing with other moms at the same stage of motherhood. In addition to the weekly session, you'll receive guidance on at-home exercises to complement your efforts in class. 

You are welcome to bring your baby and feed, snuggle or change a diaper as needed. *No previous exercise experience necessary. Check with your ob/gyn to make sure you are cleared for exercise. 


Fitness components

  • Posture and body alignment
  • Stretching and range of motion
  • Total body muscle strength and endurance
  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Balance
  • Relaxation
  • Breathing
  • Core and pelvic floor reconditioning

Topics to be Covered

  • Weight management
  • What to know about exercise, calories and breastfeeding
  • When to seek help from physician or physical therapist
  • Injury prevention in caring for baby
  • Safety considerations during exercise


  • Thursdays 9/14-11/2, (no class 9/21) from 10:45-11:45 am at Hall-Mercer Center of Pennsylvania Hospital, 245 South 8th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107. You will join a group of 2-6 moms. $175 for 7 sessions.
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays 11/7-11/30,  (no class Thanksgiving) from 10:30-11:30 am at Hall-Mercer Center of Pennsylvania Hospital, 245 South 8th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107. You will join a group of 2-6 moms. $175 for 7 sessions.
  • See December's Merry Fitness Schedule Here.
  • Time and day not work for you? Form your own group that fits with your schedule.

Have a group of mom friends or are you a community organization looking to offer this program to your community? Contact me about setting up a private group


Active Mom HIIT plus H.A.B.I.T(full body interval training with an emphasis on hips, abs, butt and inner thigh)

Interval training is one of the best ways to strengthen muscles, improve cardio and burn calories long after the workout is over. High intensity exercise combined with low intensity "rests" provides a quick and effective workout, perfect for moms! It's a 45-60 minute, full body workout that emphasizes hips, abs, butt and inner thighs.

All levels welcome (contact me if you are less than 3 months postpartum). This is not the best format for moms that experience knee pain with movements like squats and lunges


  • Wednesdays ongoing beginning 11/15, from 9:15-10:15 am at Shot Tower Recreation Center in Queen Village, 101-31 Carpenter St, $12 drop-ins (please still register). Children as well as non-moms welcome! Please bring a yoga mat. **Class on 11/22 will be held at Mario Lanza Park**
  • Thursdays 11/2-11/30, 4 weeks (no class Thanksgiving) from 12:30-1:15 pm INDOOR (unless it's a beautiful day) at Hall-Mercer Center of Pennsylvania Hospital, 245 South 8th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107. You will join a group of 3-6 moms. Registration required $68 for 4 sessions. Children as well as non-moms welcome! 
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Personal and Small Group Training

Personal or small group training is the most customized and inclusive way for you to reach your fitness goals. Personalized training is strategic and takes into account your needs, likes/dislikes, barriers and motivation. To ensure you succeed, I take an integrative approach. We examine your past successes and challenges with nutrition and exercise. You'll complete an activity profile to help us determine where you can easily incorporate more activity that will give you results. We'll also look at the demands of your family life and how that impacts your fitness routine and ways it can enhance your fitness journey. To learn more about what you'll get from training with me, click here.

A typical 60-minute session includes:

  • 45-minute customized and comprehensive workout (you'll also receive a workout to do while we're not together)
  • 15-minutes to focus on goals, nutrition, challenges, new strategies, successes, opportunities and resources

Support from friends and family is strongly encouraged

I will be there to support you every step of the way, but having the support of family and friends not only makes reaching your goals fun, but it helps you stay committed. As an incentive the full session rate is the same for one person or to workout with up to three others! 


$80/session for up to three people


Philadelphia home-based studio in Northern Liberties or your location with additional cost determined by travel time. You are welcome to bring your baby and feed, snuggle or change a diaper as needed.