Partner With Active Mom Fitness

Dear Health or Wellness Professional: 

Thank you for visiting Active Mom Fitness. I believe we can better serve our patients and clients with a wholistic approach and integration of services. With effective referral pathways and collaborative networks, we can provide the collective support moms deserve through the continuum of motherhood, but especially during pre and postpartum stages. If you’re interested in partnering or being included on our partnership/resource page, please contact me. If you have a patient in mind that could benefit from Active Mom Fitness, please use the referral form.

Ashley Reid, Owner and Exercise Physiologist


The benefit to your patients if you partner with Active Mom Fitness

You can trust that your patients will receive quality and effective exercise programs at Active Mom Fitness. We:

  • Consider the unique needs during and after pregnancy. Conditions such as low back pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, diastasis recti, sleep deprivation, stress and more all are considered when prescribing exercise programs.

  • Focus on movement quality, including stability and mobility. The Functional Movement Screen is used to identify training needs and prescribe personalized exercise programs.

  • Provide safe and progressive training that meet the guidelines of organizations such as the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American College of Sports Medicine

  • Utilize social support to encourage exercise adherence and enjoyment

  • Refer to qualified health professional when appropriate

  • Communicate with you to make sure fitness and treatment plans are aligned

The benefit to the Active Mom Fitness Community

Exercise and fitness is our expertise, but more often than not physical health needs go beyond that. For example, if pain is present during the Functional Movement Screen, or symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction are identified, we'd like to provide the support needed by referring to the appropriate professional. Other services that may be beneficial could include birthing support and education, chiropractic care, postpartum depression care, breastfeeding support, physical therapy, nutrition or massage therapy.