Personal training is the most customized and inclusive approach to fitness. I work with you to develop a strategic plan that takes into account your needs, likes/dislikes, barriers and motivation. Together, we create a fitness journey that is effective and efficient because it is centered around your goals. 

"If you're considering personal training, JUST DO IT! As part of your self care will be so thankful!"-Betsy, mom of one
 customized personal training

customized personal training

Your Path to Success

Initial Session 

Schedule your Screening and Consultation: To ensure your succeed, I take an integrative approach that begins with a screening and consultation. This initial session will consist of a pre participation health risk assessment, review of your personal exercise/lifestyle questionnaire, movement screening, and pregnancy/postpartum screenings when appropriate. Learn more about the Screening and Consultation here.

Training Sessions

  • 60-minute session: Each session will consist of a 50-minute full body workout. The workout will take into account your fitness goals, and functional movement weaknesses and/or postpartum core concerns as identified in your Screening and Consultation. Ten minutes will be used to discuss your progress, challenges, new strategies, successes, opportunities and resources.
  • 30-minute session: Each session will consist of exercises designed to address your functional movement weaknesses and/or postpartum core concerns, as identified in your Screening and Consultation.

Additional Support

Together we will determine the level of communication, and the amount of workout guidance needed outside of our training sessions, that you will need to achieve results. 



Option For Summer Outdoor Training Sessions

Are you ready to make this your fittest summer yet? 

Exercising outdoors is a great way to vary your workouts all around Philly. Outdoor sessions will consist of cardio, core and resistance training. We'll use the Ben Franklin Bridge, Art Museum Steps, Parks and Tracks to run and climb. You'll tone and become stronger using bands, dumbbells, medicine balls and your body weight. Sessions are customized to meet your goals and we'll check in on your progress each week. Rain sessions can be held indoors.



Rates for Purchasing Individual Sessions

 moms fitness

moms fitness

  • $70/60-minute session
  • $50/30-minutes session

Rates for Purchasing 5 Session Package 

  • $325 for 60-minute sessions
  • $225 for 30-minute sessions

**Click here for details and rates on initial Screening and Consultation Session**


  • Philadelphia home-based studio in Northern Liberties OR
  • Your location (small travel fee may apply)

Additional Information

Contact me for my cancellation/refund policy, as well as information about bringing your child to your training sessions.