To truly determine the best way to achieve your fitness goals, a comprehensive screening and discussion is necessary. A thorough understanding of how you move, your needs, wants, motivations and experience with exercise will provide the information needed to customize your fitness journey and give you the results you deserve. Whether you're interested in my training programs or have other fitness options in mind, let me help you get off to the best start! Read more about my Screening and Consultation session below. This session is required for everyone participating in private and semi-private training (also highly recommended to maximize group training), but I encourage all women to start here.

Diastasis recti

Diastasis recti

Screening and Consultation

The screenings are not meant to diagnose, but rather are tools I use to collect information on how you move. By observing your movement I can determine if there are weaknesses or imbalances that could cause injury or limit your fitness success. It gives me a baseline and can then be used to prescribe exercises and provide feedback about your training program as you progress. By identifying weaknesses, we can individualize your training program so that you're improving your fitness and moving more efficiently. 

Before your session: You will receive a questionnaire to be completed before your session.

During your session:

  1. I use the Functional Movement Screen to observe the quality of your movement (stability and mobility) as you perform fundamental movement patterns. Moving well is key in feeling good during daily activity and maximizing workouts, while preventing injury. We’ll look at your abdominal muscles to identify Diastisis Recti (separation of abdominal muscles, common in pregnant and postpartum women) and core function. You should wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing and athletic sneakers. Expect about 20 minutes of low intensity movement.

  2. We will examine your past successes and challenges with exercise. We'll also look at the demands of your family life and how that impacts your fitness routine, as well as ways it can enhance your fitness journey. If you are pregnant we will discuss pregnancy discomforts and safety guidelines. If you've had a baby we will discuss physical changes or concerns since pregnancy and caring for baby.

After your session:

I will review all of the information collected. Within a week, we will then have a short Feedback and Findings phone conversation to discuss the outcome of your movement screen and the next steps in your fitness journey. I will lay out the approach that I see as the best fit for you to. See an example report here.

Summary, Rates and Scheduling

Location: 1822 N. Front st in Fishtown (street parking, across from Berks station)

Rate: The studio is ready for you. Before the official opening, take advantage of super savings with the $75 pre-opening rate.

This unique and helpful experience that you won’t find anywhere else in Philly. See summary of features below:

  • The Functional Movement Screen

  • Diastasis Recti and core function assessment

  • Exercise history and fitness goal discussion

  • Postpartum concerns discussion for new moms

  • Prenatal exercise discussion for pregnant women

  • Findings and Feedback phone call

  • Summary report with findings and recommendations (see example)

  • Discounted introductory private/semi-private and group training rates

  • Referral to women's health physical therapist if appropriate