Small group training is personalized fitness with no more than 7 other women with similar fitness goals. As with private training, I will keep your needs and goals in mind, providing you with a safe and effective workout each session. Group training means the additional support of others, the opportunity to socialize and have fun, as well as the tendency to work harder than you would on your own.

"In the small group setting, everyone is able to get attention from Ashley to meet individual goals in relaxing and supportive atmosphere." -new mom of one


Your Path to Success

Initial Session (Optional, but strongly encouraged)

You have a unique opportunity for your needs and goals to be considered in every session. This means you’ll know when to push harder and when to modify exercises. Learn more about the Screening and Consultation here.

Training Sessions

Each 55-minute session will consist of a full body workout using different training techniques and equipment (dumbbells, TRX, bands, foam rollers, etc.). Because these are NOT fitness classes, all small group training requires registration. No prior exercise experience necessary, but it is recommended you consult with a physician before beginning an exercise program.

Additional Support

You’ll feel motivated to stay active outside of sessions.


Active Pregnancy Groups: Are you pregnant and looking to begin or maintain exercise during pregnancy?

Prenatal groups are appropriate for all fitness levels and all trimesters.  

  • Active Pregnancy Signature Strength Group: Use resistance training to help you feel strong and in control of your pregnant body. Full body strength workouts will aim to prepare you for labor and delivery, focus on your core/postural muscles and guide you on what to expect postpartum.

  • Prenatal Yoga: Use Yoga to build pelvic floor awareness, and to stretch and strengthen your body as it changes through all trimesters of pregnancy. Relieve stress and anxiety with this flow.

  • Trifecta: Core, Function Fitness! (See below. Although not prenatal specific, with modifications as needed this group could be appropriate for you)




Stronger After Pregnancy Groups: Are you a mom ready to take your first step toward fitness?

Groups are designed to help you safely and progressively return to fitness post baby. Groups are appropriate for all fitness levels and defined by need, not time. You could be 6 weeks postpartum, or even 6 years.

  • Stronger After Pregnancy Signature Strength Group: Full body strength workout to help you move and feel better by rebuilding your core and strengthening the muscles stretched and weakened by pregnancy. Whether you’re brand new to exercise or ready to get back to your previous high intensity workouts, this group will safely move you forward.

  • R&R (Reconnect and Rebuild): Yoga inspired strength workout to help you reconnect with your body after baby. There is an emphasis on pelvic floor, breathing and core. A gentle first step to becoming active again.

*Please inquire about bringing baby to groups.

stronger after pregnancy postnatal fitness

stronger after pregnancy postnatal fitness


Trifecta: Core, Function, Fitness!

Personalized sessions will challenge you to meet your fitness goals, while keeping the unique needs of moms in mind. Strengthen your core, improve how you move, and feel great.

This group welcomes all (including moms-to-be). However if this is your first step back to fitness after baby, it is recommended that you participate in a Screening and Consultation or one of the Stronger After Pregnancy groups first.