Small group training is also known as semi private training and consists of you and 1-3 other participants with similar fitness goals. As with personal training I will keep your needs and goals in mind, providing you with a safe and effective workout each session. Small group training means the additional support of others, the opportunity to socialize and have fun, as well as the tendency to work harder than you would on your own.

"In the small group setting, everyone is able to get attention from Ashley to meet individual goals in relaxing and supportive atmosphere." -new mom of one


Your Path to Success

Choose or Form a Group (groups range from 2-4 people to ensure enough personal attention)

  • You can join one of the Stronger After Pregnancy or Active Pregnancy training groups described below OR

  • You can form your own group and training focus (including outdoor sessions!) and contact me to discuss scheduling and goals. Group members do not need to be at the same fitness level, but its more effective when members have similar fitness goals.

Initial Session (Optional, but strongly encouraged)

Schedule your Screening and Consultation: To ensure your succeed, I gather information and understanding about your needs and goals through a Screening and Consultation. This initial session will consist of a pre participation health risk assessment, review of your personal exercise/lifestyle questionnaire, a movement screening, and pregnancy/postpartum screenings when appropriate. Learn more about the Screening and Consultation here.

Training Sessions

60-minute session: Each session will consist of a 50-minute full body workout. The workout will take into account your fitness goals, and functional movement weaknesses and/or postpartum core concerns as identified in your screening. Ten minutes will be used to discuss your progress, challenges, new strategies, successes, opportunities and resources.

Additional Support

You will receive occasional communication, education and exercise guidance outside of training sessions to support your efforts.


Fall Outdoor Training Sessions

Are you ready to Commit to be Fit this Fall? Grab a friend or two and let's get started! 

Exercising outdoors is a great way to vary your workouts all around Philly. Outdoor sessions will consist of cardio, core and resistance training. We'll use the Ben Franklin Bridge, Art Museum Steps, Parks and Tracks to run and climb. You'll tone and become stronger using bands, dumbbells, medicine balls and your body weight. Sessions are customized to meet your goals and we'll check in on your progress each week. Rain sessions can be held indoors.

*No previous exercise experience necessary. Check with your ob/gyn to make sure you are cleared for exercise.

Times slots available:

  • Tuesday mornings

  • Wednesday and Friday afternoons

  • Thursday evenings

 stronger after pregnancy postnatal fitness

stronger after pregnancy postnatal fitness

Stronger After Pregnancy Small Group Training

Are you a new mom that is ready to begin exercise? Is your child slightly older, but you haven't had the time or energy to focus on your fitness yet? 

The focus of Stronger After Pregnancy small group training is to safely and progressively support your return to fitness. We will consider postpartum concerns such as diastisis recti, c-section discomfort and other physical changes/imbalances. The full body workouts will target overall fitness, with an emphasis on rebuilding your core and strengthening the muscles stretched and weakened by pregnancy and caring for baby. 

Although the majority of moms are 6 weeks to 12 months postpartum, this training focus may be appropriate for you even years after giving birth-all stages of motherhood and fitness levels are welcome to join or form a group at a convenient time for you. Groups are small enough where exercises are modified to meet your needs.

*Babies are welcome. *No previous exercise experience necessary. Check with your ob/gyn to make sure you are cleared for exercise.

Time slots with availability:


Active Pregnancy Small Group Training

Are you pregnant and looking to begin or maintain exercise during pregnancy? 

The focus of Active Pregnancy group training is to safely help you exercise during pregnancy, while taking into account all of the changes your body goes through each trimester. Committing to being active is beneficial to both you and your baby. Your training sessions are comprehensive and include cardiovascular exercise, muscle strengthening, core and pelvic floor conditioning, and flexibility. 

*No previous exercise experience necessary. Check with your ob/gyn to make sure you are cleared for exercise.


Time slots available to form your own group:

  • Wednesday afternoons

  • Thursday evenings



 Active Pregnancy small group training

Active Pregnancy small group training


All new group participants start with a 4-session package. This allows enough time for you to start to feel results, get to know the group and determine if my training style is a good fit for you. Starting with 4 sessions also helps me anticipate group capacity and get to know your level of fitness so I can incorporate your needs into the group.

4-session package (required initially and an option for continued sessions)

  • $140 for 60-minute sessions

Individual Sessions (*only an option for continued sessions after the initial 4)

  • $40/60-minute session

**Click here for details and rates on initial Screening and Consultation session**

Additional Information

Contact me for my cancellation/refund policy.