When I got pregnant I made the decision to continue to prioritize fitness and healthy eating because I knew the benefits for the baby and me. I also had the goal to be able to enjoy my daughter after giving birth rather than having to focus on losing weight.

I’m thankful that I did have a healthy pregnancy and I was able to continue strength training, running, and practicing yoga. However, the messaging and advice I received was sometimes confusing and didn't alway make it easy to know what to eat or what exercises to avoid. My goal is to help women feel good about being active during pregnancy.

Continuing to exercise throughout pregnancy helped me quickly lose the baby weight, but what I did not anticipate was the muscular weaknesses I experienced. Being physically active before and during pregnancy is beneficial, but not enough. I want to help women prepare for and recover from those weaknesses and it goes beyond kegels.

Another unexpected, yet welcomed surprise is the community of moms out there that rely on each other for information and socializing, especially in Philadelphia. I want the “mom community” to support each other in physical activity and health goals.

As my daughter continues to get older I continue to experience new challenges as a mom trying to stay physically fit and maintain a healthy family. These challenges highlight the need for fitness services and education designed specifically for moms, but beneficial to the entire family.

My past success helping families become healthier and individuals become more fit; my personal experience with pregnancy and becoming a mom; and my robust background and qualifications in exercise science, led to the formation of Active Mom Fitness! More specifics on my qualifications can be found here.