Wondering what exercises are safe during pregnancy? Ready to get in shape after having a baby? Overwhelmed by trying to meet your fitness goals, while also caring for your family? 


You’ve come to the right place. I’m Ashley Reid, a certified exercise physiologist in Philadelphia, PA. Over the last fifteen years I’ve helped hundreds of people reach their health and fitness goals. A mom myself, I understand your concerns of exercising while pregnant and the challenges of recovery and losing weight after having a baby. I know how confusing advice about exercise and nutrition can be and the difficulty of finding time and energy to workout when you have kids. 

I started Active Mom Fitness to give you the unique support needed to reach your goals, while also helping you make healthy decisions for your family. My approach to personal training, group fitness, exercise consultations and online workouts always keeps your needs as mom in mind. Whether you’re thinking about getting pregnant or already have kids, let’s customize a plan for you. 


Stronger After Pregnancy-Postpartum Fitness

Over the course of 8 weeks and alongside other moms with similar needs, I'll help you strengthen your core, boost your energy without caffeine, and address weight loss and nutrition concerns. Series are held at locations where you are welcome to bring your baby and feed, snuggle or change a diaper as needed. 

Expecting Results-Prenatal Fitness

Let me help you choose safe exercises to do while pregnant, and while we're at it let's make sure you're doing all you can to prepare your body for childbirth, and relieve the aches and pains of your pregnancy.

Affordable Group Training for Moms-Kids Welcome

Most personal trainers will charge a higher rate for group training. I feel so strongly about the benefits of working out with a group, especially as moms, that I don't. Enjoy customized workouts, nutrition guidance, and the support and motivation of working out with your friends and family for rates as low as $22.50 per person.