Active mom of twin boy and girl

Active mom of twin boy and girl

Mother Runner and Now a Self-Proclaimed "HIIT Junkie"

"Fitness has always been a big part of my life - so I was really excited to find Active Mom Fitness (AMF) which gave me the option to workout WITH my kids. It's truly guilt free. I love knowing that my kids are having fun socializing with other kids while I'm working out. It's a win-win. 

I've always been a runner, and never was good about committing to consistent strength workouts. After taking AMF for almost a year I am truly in the best shape of my life. I have muscle tone I never had before, my abs are flatter and more muscular than before I had twins. My babies are about 30lbs. each, but I can lift them with ease thanks to all the strength and core work from classes.

AMF classes offer a great sense of community. No one bats an eye if a kiddo has a meltdown or needs to be held during squats. There are very few ways to workout with a group AND with your little ones outside the home - I love that AMF allows me to do that."

-Sarah M., mom of twin toddlers (Visit her on Instagram)

Active Mom of Two Girls

Active Mom of Two Girls

Trusting the Expertise

"After having two kids, I needed a jumpstart back into fitness. Due to Ashley's expertise in being an Exercise Physiologist, I feel comfortable working out with her as my diastasis recti was healing. It makes a difference to me that she studied exercise for years rather than just a weekend certification. She has the knowledge of how our bodies work and move.

Ashley has a positive attitude and easy going spirit (but is also serious!). She handles it just fine when a kid comes and joins her on a mat but she always keep us going towards the next work-out move. She does a good job of offering a sense of team as we are all at different fitness levels.

I'm getting results-like regaining definition in my arms!"

-Rebecca, mom of two

Active Mom of One Girl

Active Mom of One Girl

Hard Work Pays Off

"I signed up for classes and personal training because I was post partum and needed help getting back into the swing of things. I wanted Ashley to do the thinking for me! I loved Ashley's style from my first class! Ashley has a really fun down to earth vibe and will make you feel very comfortable. She listens to what I want and then develops a total body workout.

Ashley is very on top of the latest research and incorporate into her programs. I really feel strong after doing my workouts and am in much better shape. It's hard work, but when I see the payoff it's all worth it. I've really enjoyed myself getting back into shape."

-Betsy, mom of one

active mom of one and one on the way

active mom of one and one on the way

Part of the Vision

"I joined small group training because I needed the extra accountability of a small group setting. Having the same group of women that that I’ll see every week, in a similar stage of pregnancy, facilitated by someone I know is exactly what I needed. I appreciate the periodic check-ins between sessions via email. It’s a nice personal touch that I’m sure is time consuming, but helps me stay connected to my goals and progress.

I like the that Ashley checks in at the beginning of the session to see where we’re at mentally and physically and continues to check in throughout the session to make sure that I’m exerting the right range of effort. I enjoy the personalization of workouts for my current stage of pregnancy and fitness. 

Ashley is inspirational in her highly visible commitment to health and well-being for mothers and family. She is clearly committed to helping others throughout her immediate community and the wider Philadelphia area. It’s great to feel like I’m becoming a better version of myself while engaging in a healthier vision for women and moms around me."

-Susan, mom of one (soon to be two)